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The Jupiet Inlet and surrounding beaches are well known for world renowned summer time snook fishing. Snook migrate to the inlet and beaches to spawn all summer long. Once the summer fihsing is over all those snook have to go somewhere. Many migrate back up the estuaries of the Jupiter River. If you follow the inlet towards the west the Jupiter River splits off into the the north and western parts of the waterway and continues for several miles through residential areas.

The North arm of the Jupier River provides excellent fall and winter snook fishing. With its meandering, swift flowing current the river offers plenty of bait and opportunities for large numbers of snook in all sizes. For best results I like fishing the river in early morning, or evening times with a strong outgoing tide. I will start off in the mouth of the river and work my way up the river towards he North. The snook seem to migrate up and down the river and I find that by hitting several spots along the rviver until I find some action. Once found try to continues working the area for more snook.

The best baits for Jupiter River snook fishing are of course live bait including herring, shrimp and finger mullet. Artificial baits include DOA shrimp, and a variety of top water baits including Top Dog, and zara spook. Work your bait with the current or parallel to the current. Start your bait at the bank and work as close to any structure you can. Boats docks and other available cover work best.

There are several deeper channels which hold fish as the water temp drops. In addition there are several bridges crossing the river. These bridges will hold small tarpon throughout most of the fall and winter. Shrimp seem to¬† work best around the bridges. Don’t be surpised if you run into a redfish along the way as well.

If you are looking to ctahc good numbers of snook during the fall and winter it is time to try the Jupiter River. You are sure to catch a few snook both in and over the slot limit. The best part is you will be fihsing mostly by yourslef as these snokk receive very little fihing pressure. Give ‘em a try this season.

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